UK MND Collections

The UK MND Collections (formerly known as the UK MND DNA Bank) was established to provide the international research community with a resource that would help to identify and understand the causative and disease modifying factors involved with motor neurone disease. These samples are available for research into MND and associated conditions such as fronto-temporal dementia only. The UK MND Collections combines more than 3,000 biological samples and accompanying clinical information; as well as epidemiology data from 400 participants, including people with MND, controls and family members. The DNA Bank was the original Collection of whole genome DNA from over 3,000 blood samples, which are stored at CIGMR (Centre for Integrated Genomic Medical Research) in Manchester, UK. The DNA Bank also has clinical information (divided into a minimum and extended dataset) which is available to researchers. The Cell Lines Collection offers a sub set of the DNA Bank samples as EBV-transformed lymphoblastoid cell lines and peripheral blood lymphocytes. This was originally set up as an everlasting supply of DNA, with the lymphoblastoid cell lines now available to researchers to help them understand how the disease is developing. The Epidemiology Collection has just over 200 patient and matched control blood samples with extensive environmental and lifestyle data (both from self-report questionnaires and telephone interviews) available to researchers. More information on the DNA and cell bank is available in Smith et al BMC Genetics (2015) 16:84.


  • Cell culture
  • Nucleic acid extraction

Existing samples:

  • Motor neuron disease (disorder)

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