SFH/UoN Human Joint Tissue Repository

The repository is donated by participants at Sherwood Forest Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, Nottinghamshire, UK (SFH, Sponsor). Currently we hold:- Samples from people undergoing arthroplasty (total joint replacements) Samples donated post-mortem • snap-frozen synovium • fixed joint tissues (paraffin wax-embedded, Zambonis-fixed for cryosectioning) -synovium -cartilage and bone -meniscus -tendons -muscle • un-fixed synovium for cryosectioning • serum • synovial fluid • dorsal root ganglia and spine SOPs and ethical approval for prospective collection of synovial tissue, bone/joint tissue and biofluids are in place, and we currently obtain consent annually from >100 people undergoing arthroplasty per annum and >40 post-mortem donor families. Our participants and donors have consented for samples and anonymous data to be provided to industrial partners for commercial research, both within and outside the UK. Our holdings include extensive clinical data such as joint examination, weight-bearing radiographs, chondropathy scores, medications and demographics. We have recently commenced routine baseline collection of patient-reported outcome data (n>300 people to date), and we are able to send postal surveys for follow up data collection.


  • Ability to recontact
  • Digital imaging

Existing samples:

  • Osteoarthritis
  • Rheumatoid arthritis

Contact Information

0115 8231766

Professor David Walsh
Academic Rheumatology
University of Nottingham Clinical Sciences Building
City Hospital

Annual Statistics

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