Alliance for Cancer Early Detection (ACED) Cohort

This project aims to provide baseline and longitudinal information on patients attending the Early Detection research clinic which tests new approaches for identification of individuals at high risk for cancer. When patients attend this clinic we plan to collect demographic, physiological and epidemiological information, and store biological samples (e.g. DNA, blood, blood derivatives and urine) from a minimum of 200 adults per year. Many of these individuals will be volunteers and this cohort will be valuable for researchers to establish biomarker thresholds for healthy individuals. This cohort will also allow us to better understand risk factors for cancer and explore techniques and methodologies to detect cancer at an earlier stage. Participants will be consented so that we maintain a population cohort enriched for risks of specific cancers and track disease outcomes. These participants may also be invited for further studies and longitudinal sampling with the aim that these participants and/or samples can be accessed for other genetic biomedical studies and clinical trials including first in humans.


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Department of Oncology
University of Cambridge
Hutchison/MRC Research Centre, Box 197
Cambridge Biomedical Campus

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